What is family?


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This post is in response to a speech performed by American student Rachel Rostad. The speech entitled, ‘Lottery Winners’, describes her adopted grandmothers racism over her two adopted ‘grandchildren’ from South Korea. Rachel defines how her grandmother, ‘stumbles over the word grandchild’, describes Asians as, ‘Those people’ and how she believes a diverse family, ‘is having a Catholic daughter in-law’. Furthermore, Rachel described how her grandmother thought of her and her brother as, ‘the rust on the kitchen sink’ and ‘the over baked cookies in the oven’. The final line of Rachel’s speech goes, ‘I’m sorry you think family is about birth… instead of everything that comes after’.

This got me thinking about the topic of Rachel’s speech, What is Family? Is it about Birth? Or is it about who surrounds us?

For me, Family is about the people who care most for you in life. These people can be your biological family who’s blood runs through your veins.. but is ‘Family’ about this.. does it matter who shares who’s blood? Does it matter if you were born into that family and happen to become a part of it? And does it really matter if by the phenomenon of fate you are drawn together in the journey that we call life? Personally, family is who, in your heart, you care about the most, the people you would take a bullet for, take your own existence for them to carry on living. I would take my life for any of my family members, without a moments hesitation, as cheesy as it sounds it is true, Therefore I believe that this is what ‘family’ is truly about. Families are often brought together in this day and age through marriage, adoption and birth… these people may not be biologically related but who is to say that they are not a family?

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Street Art – Art?


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Many people have divided opinions concerning the ever popular Street Art. Wherever we go in the UK, and in other countries, we are consumed by works of art all around us. We never seem to avoid these colorful and creative expressions of imagination wherever we go: whether it be on the train, walking around town or catching a bus, we are absorbed into a world where art can exist beyond the boundaries of a canvas. 

Many of the older generations, although some will obviously buck this trend, do not seem to appreciate the beauty of these artworks and many of them seem to associate street art with graffiti which can be distasteful and ugly but can also be beautiful and meaningful. Furthermore, many people seem to also associate street art with illegal vandalism and gangs. 

For me, some graffiti does not come under ‘Street Art’, gang sign scribbles and roughly sprayed sprawls are not art, but many pieces of huge lettering and pictures do come under art. These pieces are usually, bold, bright and beautiful and to me, represent the urban Britain and the culture of the youth of the UK. 

When you think of Street Art, many of you will picture Graffiti. Although it is a large aspect of street art, there are various forms of art that can appear on our streets that include: Sticker Art, Stencil Art, Sculpture & Poster art just to name a few.  

My opinion on street art is that, if it is not the gang symbols and swear words sprawled under bridged and in car parks, that it is a good way to express political opinions along with bold statements to the public easily. The fact that the public don’t have to go to an expensive museum or gallery to see these art works are, to me, what art is all about. Giving people joy and letting them witness your talent whilst allowing it to change their lives with the meaning of the artwork. Image


Party Poopers…


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Even though I am young, I have had my fair few experience with people at parties who intentionally or not… ruin the atmosphere of the whole night. Ruining it for the guests and the hosts alike.

There are various types of party poopers and I have divided them into categories..

1) The Mess:

These are the people that drink or smoke way too much. These people in a short space of time are throwing themselves at people who they don’t know, getting naked and at the end of the night, throwing up in a corner wishing they didn’t exist!

2) The Pretender:

These are, in my opinion, the most annoying, pathetic and frustrating people perhaps in the world! This people make my blood boil! For some reason they seem to think that they are impressing people by pretending to be drunk/high at parties. Here are some of the quotes from people that I have heard… ‘Um.. Jack.. whats my name?’,   ‘Omg a ghooosssssttttt!’, ‘OMG my head is spinnnning (after 2 WKD’s)’

3) The Dancer:

I quite like this kind of person but it has its limit.This kind of person looses all sense of embarrassment and pride as they dance their hearts out. It doesn’t matter who’s watching of if anyone is dancing at all, this person will be on the dance floor. The point is reached when this person (usually a girl) is grinding up again complete strangers with no care in the world. They are being groped and stared at and don’t give a shit! 

4) The Addict:

This person steps out of the normal limits and ventures into hard drugs at a party. People don’t want to see a person lying on the floor spaced out and dribbling. This ruins the whole atmosphere as other guests have to turn to the role of cared as their conscience tells them to look after their friend, just in case anything should happen. These people may often ask others to try a new pill or something and the definite levels of alcohol running through their veins will make them more inclined to try this substance. These people seem to lack a conscience and can ruin a party. 

5) The Unwelcome one:

These people turn up to parties without being invited. These people ignore the feeling of the host and invite themselves, usually along with others intent to ruin the party or to wreck the house. I have known people turn up to parties and steal paintings, pull doors of their hinges, blow up a microwave, set fire to a kettle, graffiti in their home among other things. These people are some of the lowest and take pleasure in ruining someones night for no real reason.

So there are a few of the categories i have put people i know into. Let me know what you think about these people and discuss any other types of people that ruin parties. 

Thanks 🙂


Stereotypical.. right?


After reading a similar blog a few days ago, i decided to give my first proper blog on stereotyping.

Chavs.. that means council house and violence right?? Well not necessarily. I’d like to start the blog with a story of an experience i had a few weeks ago…

I was in Bedford Town waiting to get the late bus home when i heard the bellows of a man in the distance. As he approached, i instantaneously thought he was a tramp.. i not only judged him on his appearance, but on the fact he was singing at the top of his lungs whilst swaying to some reggae whilst carrying a can of Special Brew. As he walked over, my step-sister and I both proceeded to collect our bags nearer to us and place our phones in our pockets and money out of sight. This would be the average response of two teenagers if someone…

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Private Education..


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Lately, I have read a few blogs and heard a number of conversations concerning Private schools. I have quite firm views on private schools but also appreciate why people may have a problem with the concept of ‘schools for the rich’.

I go to a private school so i think that gives me the right to defend them and to also criticize them (so no hate please).

So what is the typical private school student? Well… to most, it is a child who has been brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth, with no worries or cared and brought up knowing that they don’t need to work for anything because ‘mummy and daddy will take care of them’. Furthermore, people assume that these children have everything they want and need and a spoilt rotten as their parents spends thousands on their education.

Before I am judged, I would like to point out that I have never once paid for the private school that I attend and am therefore not a ‘rich kid’ or anything as I was awarded a full bursary at the beginning of year 7 (by the way i’m not trying to brag, just clear some things up).

For me, Private schools are there to give focused attention to each student by providing smaller classes and better trained teachers.. therefore you would obviously expect a price tag on your child’s education if you know that their education will be more focused and of a better quality. Due to this, wealthier students attend due to this.



Is Art a waste of time?


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Throughout my whole life I have heard various people around me: whether it me my family, friends or peers at school saying that Art is, ‘just a bit of colouring’, ‘a waste of time’, ‘easy’ and ‘a doddle’.  My views on this are very different!

For example: My Head of year at school was telling an anecdote about his uni days and described how two of his friends (who were art students) had no worries as they spent all night partying and then ‘did a bit of art’ during the day. He used his friends as a contrast to his own studies of chemistry. This shows the typical opinion that general people give Art and Art students. 

For me, Art is the most enjoyable and rewarding subject that i take. Currently I take Art for GCSE and will continue the subject for AS Level. In my opinion, Art is a release from the normal everyday ‘hard’ subjects such as Maths, English and the Sciences. The 3 hours I spend a week in Art lessons and everyday after school for an hour allow me to let out stress and let my creative side come out and furthermore, it allows me to forget my everyday worries and focus on the piece I am doing. 

Therefore, Art is extremely important to me and I believe that it should be considered seriously at university levels for students taking subjects such as the sciences and maths. For example: I hope to study medicine at university and have been advised to take the obvious choices of Biology and Chemistry along with two subjects that I enjoy and know I well do in.

So, my AS level options are as follows: Biology, Chemistry, Art and Religious Studies. 

I think that taking creative as well as academic subjects should be favoured as it shows the student had a wider range of abilities and gives the student more depth as they are not doing three sciences and maths and hating every second of it.. but can do things they will do well in and enjoy! 

Feel free to give me your opinions on Art in general and if your doing A Level art please let me know how it is and give me any useful tips. Thanks 🙂 

Magritte_The-Son-Of-ManLLL360 The Lake I Oil Painting by Georgia OKeeffe

Faith, Religion and me…


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Religion is of the most interesting yet most debatable subjects for me. Many people have extremely strong views on the topic and I will give my personal insight into what I believe and feel regarding the subject of faith.

I consider myself to be a Christian, although I haven’t been to church since I was 10 and people may not feel that I am serious enough for religion, I definitely feel like I believe in something and as I was brought up Christian, the belief of this faith has stuck in my mind during my childhood and this is why I believe myself to be a Christian.

For me, the Bible is not a literal book, not a fiction but instead should be taken metaphorically and should be used for the morals that lie deep in its tales. I believe that there is a God, that he is inside of us all and his voice is small, and as a Christian, believing in him gives us an insight into the help and guidance from within that god provides us. I believe that God sends us subtle signs that guide us when we truly need it or ask for it. Many feel like ‘God’ is a mean kid sitting on an anthill with a spyglass (as taken form the film, Bruce Almighty), i believe that the idea that some things in life seem to be just plain unfair is what gives people the idea that there is no God, after all God is said to be Omnipotent and Omnibenevolant (all powerful and all good), so how can God exist with all of the pain and suffering in the world? I think that the pain and suffering happens due to free will. Because God gave us the right to freedom, we choose what we can do and it is due to this that people make bad decisions, ignoring the guidance from God, and therefore causing pain to others. For example: if a leader of a country makes bad decisions, it affects all of their people, this is truly unfair, but due to freewill these things happen. So why does God allow this? Well, it is freewill that makes us human, if we don’t control what we say and do, we are merely robots, with no brain function and no feeling. To me, this answers these questions about suffering because of our freewill.

Although I see myself as a Christian, I do also believe that all religions are all correct and all have aspects of truth behind them. This includes Islam as for me, Islam and Christianity although  different, have many similarities. For example: both include Jesus, or Isa in the Quran and both teach their followers to be kind to others and live good, respectful lives. Furthermore, I believe that all religions are a part of the same ‘book’ and that all the religions that involve ‘god’ are talking about the same person, power or thing.

Please give me your thoughts on my views and perhaps your own… Thanks